I Will Pack and Go

Posted by Kevin on April 9, 2014 under Asia | Comments are off for this article

I seriously cannot believe that at 24 years old my mother is still getting after me for stupid things. Grant it I do live in her home, I do not deserve to be treated like a ruthless teenager! Last night I was sitting in my room, quietly having asian phone sex. Five minutes into it my mother starts banging on the door telling me to leave if I was going to do that in her house. After I hung up I went out to the kitchen to talk with my mother about what she heard. I quickly stated that I was an adult now and if she did not like what I did than I would gladly move out to save her the stress. All she did was look at me for a minute and walk away. I think she knew I was right and that I would move out, so she kept quiet.

How Do I Do This?

Posted by Kevin on December 18, 2013 under Happiness | Comments are off for this article

I was so relieved and happy to here this morning that Leicester escorts was able to provide me with a gorgeous young lady to come to my business dinner party. Now that I have a date it gives me the predicament of what to wear, how to comb my hair and whether or not I should act like myself. Because of my lack in woman skills, I have a feeling I will have trouble in all these departments. I am however very excited to see what this lady will look like and whether or not she will be happy to accompany me. Despite my shyness, I am very old fashioned when it comes to women. Therefore, I believe they should be pampered and treated with all the respect in the world. I am hoping she will take a liking to this and we can enjoy some time together after the party is over.